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association of private providers of education, training & development

We are very excited to announce that APPETD has big plans for 2019!

Board: Ms. L. Ingram (Chairperson) | Mr. A. Carlsson (Vice Chairperson) | Ms. R. Walshe |
Ms. S. Blignaut | Ms. K. Dry Courtois | Ms. S. Naidoo | Dr. D Damons | Mr. W. Wallace | Ms. C. Reynders (CEO) | Ms. T. Mohale

APPETD Board held a strategic session during the week resulting in exciting outcomes and new opportunities for members:

  1. Expanding and gaining international recognition;
  2. APPETD Conference 2019, including International speakers and high profile DHET speakers leading to International networking opportunities and emphasising the importance of private providers;
  3. Driving a refreshed and innovative marketing strategy to support and endorse quality driven providers to corporate and learners via a member & student portal on APPETD website;
  4. Industry partnerships ensuring skills needed are mapped with provider offerings and best practice principles;
  5. Funded training and private provider skills fund underpinned by specialised/sectorial industry task teams.

These are just a few of the new products and services identified by the APPETD Team to pave the way for an exhilarating 2019.

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