association of private providers of education, training & development

About Us


Growing APPETD into an all-inclusive representative body of providers that stands for quality in education, training and development practices and that collaborates internationally and embraces local and global innovation.


  • Growing a presence for quality education and training provision within government, regulatory and professional bodies
  • Being the voice that promotes the inclusion of private provision in all activities that contribute to excellence in skills development for people
  • Connecting providers to industry and international partners that are passionate about quality education and training at all levels
  • Representing employers of education, training and development professionals at industry bodies that focus on training for employability and the creation of job opportunities
  • Capacitating new and existing providers to engage constructively in improving mechanisms of delivery for quality in education, training and development delivery


  • Promote and provide quality education and training
  • Fair and ethical conduct
  • Positive networking opportunities
  • Promoting benchmarks that exceed international standards


APPETD is continuously striving to ensure equitable consideration for all Providers within all levels of policy- and decision-making. We aim to be the recognised voice of the private education and training sector at all levels of legislative and regulatory activity within all quality control and accreditation areas.

What we do


APPETD leads the broader private education and training industry through:

  • Interaction with legislative authorities in presenting the needs, benefits and contributory value of the private sector;
  • development and empowerment of members to be effective, sustainable organisations;
  • promoting education and training as a professional body;
  • promoting education and training as a professional career;
  • informing and guiding members regarding best institutional, educational and quality practices

APPETD currently represents and protects members’ interests on the following policy-making entities and are continuously expanding our reach:

  • NSA Board
  • ETDP SETA Accounting Authority
  • ETDP SETA Higher Education & Research Chamber
  • ETDP SETA TVET Chamber
  • SASCE Board and Exco
  • World Skills Steering Committee
  • DHET PSET Information Standards Committee
  • W&R SETA Research Committee